Hitachi HH0-210 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download (1-10)

A customer is using a Hitachi Enterprise storage system with clustered servers in an active/passive relationship. What must be done in Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) to ensure that the status of inactive paths on both passive and active nodes is monitored regularly?

A.    Switch on Auto Failback.
B.    Switch on Path Health Check.
C.    Set the reservation level to 2.
D.    Set up Intermittent Error Monitoring.

Answer: B

What are two prerequisites for virtualizing volumes on a VSP? (Choose two.)

A.    Shared memory must be reserved for external storage operations.
B.    The external storage system must be connected to one or more external ports of the VSP.
C.    A CLPR must be created for the external storage.
D.    The Universal Volume Manager license must be installed in the VSP.

Answer: BD

A customer is deploying a new database that will have weekly hot spots requiring higher levels of performance. Which two features of Hitachi Dynamic Tiering would help them? (Choose two.)

A.    thick provisioning
B.    36 MB pages
C.    wide striping
D.    multi-tier pools

Answer: CD

A customer wants to know how to use the audit log for Storage Navigator. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The audit log is stored in the Web Console.
B.    The audit log can be accessed from Storage Navigator.
C.    The audit log is only viewable by the root user.
D.    The audit log can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Answer: BD

An application running on a Windows server connected to a Hitachi Enterprise storage system with two paths is generating mostly sequential I/O. Which algorithm should be set in Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) on that server?

A.    Least Blocks
B.    Round Robin
C.    Sequential Blocks
D.    Extended Least I/Os

Answer: D

Which three operations are allowed after activating LUN security on a VSP Fibre Channel (FC) port? (Choose three.)

A.    Add multiple WWNs to one Host Group.
B.    Add a LDEV to two different Host Groups on the same FC port.
C.    Create a Host Group with two different Host connection modes.
D.    Add the same WWN to two different Host Groups on the same FC port.
E.    Create host groups with different Host connection modes on the same FC port.

Answer: ABE

Your customer wants to connect multiple servers with different operating systems to the same port on a VSP. What is the first step when configuring the port?

A.    Map a LUN.
B.    Register a WWPN.
C.    Enable Port Security.
D.    Create a Host Group.

Answer: C

What must be installed on an AIX server prior to a Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) installation?

C.    Hitachi ODM
D.    Hitachi Tuning Manager agent

Answer: C

A VSP customer is attaching new SUSE Linux servers to their SAN. What are two configuration requirements? (Choose two.)

A.    The queue depth per VSP LUN must not exceed 32.
B.    The queue depth per VSP LUN must be at least 8.
C.    The queue depth per VSP port must not exceed 2048.
D.    The queue depth per VSP port must not exceed 1024.

Answer: AC

What are two ways to ensure secure access to storage through a fabric? (Choose two.)

A.    Use SNMP.
B.    Use zoning.
C.    Use Host Group security.
D.    Use port security on the switch(es).

Answer: BC

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