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Hitachi HH0-210 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download (31-40)

A customer is planning to deploy the Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) in an existing production environment that includes several VSP systems. What are two advantages of Hitachi Device Manager over Storage Navigator? (Choose two.)

A.    availability of the Host Data Collector
B.    ability to upgrade microcode non-disruptively
C.    ability to provision multiple VSP systems at the same time
D.    possibility of performing maintenance on multiple VSPs at the same time

Answer: AC

A customer wants to start using ShadowImage on several of their existing VSP systems in an Open Systems environment. They would like a solution to centrally configure their Point-in-Time copies.
Which product would you recommend?

A.    Hitachi Dynamic Replicator
B.    Hitachi Universal Replicator
C.    Business Continuity Manager
D.    Hitachi Replication Manager

Answer: D

Which two statements describe what will happen when a CHA board is replaced on a VSP? (Choose two.)

A.    WWN will change with the new board.
B.    Zoning must be changed if WWN zoning is used.
C.    WWN will remain the same with the new board.
D.    Zoning does not need to be changed if WWN zoning is used.

Answer: CD

Your customer wants to connect multiple servers with different operating systems to the same port on a VSP. What is the first step when configuring the port?

A.    Map a LUN.
B.    Register a WWPN.
C.    Enable Port Security.
D.    Create a Host Group.

Answer: C

A customer wants to add a second DKC to a VSP. Which three hardware features must be installed in the second DKC? (Choose three.)

A.    Hub
B.    VSD
C.    CMA
D.    ESW
E.    DKA

Answer: ABD

Which three documents must be verified when planning a microcode exchange? (Choose three.)

A.    ECNs
B.    FCO Bulletins
C.    Product Alerts
D.    Maintenance Manual
E.    Microcode Exchange Reference Guide

Answer: ACD

With which two products does Hitachi Tuning Manager integrate? (Choose two.)

A.    Device Manager
B.    Protection Manager
C.    Replication Manager
D.    Tiered Storage Manager

Answer: AD

What are three micro-program types on the VSP? (Choose three.)

A.    DKC Main
B.    SCSI path
C.    DKU
D.    HDD
E.    SVC

Answer: ACD

A customer is using two Hitachi Dynamic Tiering (HDT) pools. Each pool contains only SAS and SATA drives. They want to purchase a Solid State Disk (SSD) RAID group and use it effectively. They are not sure into which pool to put the SSD RAID group, because they may need to move it later. Which two HDT capabilities will provide flexible use of the SSD RAID group? (Choose two.)

A.    The pool can be shrunk.
B.    The pool can be migrated.
C.    The pool can be expanded.
D.    The pool can be replicated.

Answer: AC

A VSP receives a pinned track error with a "write error" description on the SVP. How would you resolve the problem?

A.    Replace the SVP.
B.    Replace the PDEV.
C.    Replace the DKA.
D.    Restore the customer data.

Answer: B

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