Hitachi HH0-210 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download (71-80)

Which two statements describe the purpose of an action code (ACC) on the VSP? (Choose two.)

A.    It provides a link to the Work ID.
B.    It contains the SIM message.
C.    It contains the part location.
D.    It provides detailed error information.

Answer: AC

You have just installed Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) on a Sun Solaris server. What is the purpose of running the "dlnkmgr view -sys" command?

A.    It displays the configuration.
B.    It displays the primary path.
C.    It displays the alternate path.
D.    It configures the alternate path.

Answer: A

A VSP customer is attaching new SUSE Linux servers to their SAN. What are two configuration requirements? (Choose two.)

A.    The queue depth per VSP LUN must not exceed 32.
B.    The queue depth per VSP LUN must be at least 8.
C.    The queue depth per VSP port must not exceed 2048.
D.    The queue depth per VSP port must not exceed 1024.

Answer: AC

Which two products can be used to monitor the Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) Pool capacity on a VSP? (Choose two.)

A.    Device Manager
B.    Storage Navigator
C.    Provisioning Manager
D.    Replication Manager

Answer: AB

A customer is using an AMS 2300 system as external storage behind a VSP. They are reworking the power distribution and need to power down both storage systems. What is the correct sequence of actions?

A.    Stop the host I/O > power off the VSP > power off the AMS 2300.
B.    Stop the host I/O > power off the AMS 2300 > power off the VSP.
C.    Perform a path disconnect to the AMS 2300 > stop the host I/O > power off the AMS 2300 > power
off the VSP.
D.    Stop the host I/O > perform a path disconnect to the AMS 2300 > allow the storage systems to go to
battery backup mode when the power is disconnected.

Answer: A

What are two valid locations for the Dynamic Mapping table of Dynamic Provisioning? (Choose two.)

A.    in flash memory
B.    in one of the pool volumes
C.    in cache memory
D.    in shared memory

Answer: BD

Which three steps should be performed during a new VSP installation? (Choose three.)

A.    Install HiTrack Monitor on a customer server and configure it.
B.    Set the battery date for each battery.
C.    Install all SSVP jumpers.
D.    Connect the CE laptop to the Console LAN connection port on the SVP.
E.    Dump the final configuration and upload it to TUF.

Answer: BDE

You are installing a VSP with 2 DKCs. Which component makes up the interconnection for data paths?

A.    SVP
B.    DKA
C.    VSD
D.    ESW

Answer: D

You have replaced a part on a VSP. What are three mandatory steps to complete your maintenance task? (Choose three.)

A.    Complete the "Last maintenance" form inside the DKC door.
B.    Complete the corresponding SIM(s).
C.    Reboot the SVP to renew the configuration.
D.    Check the maintenance screen for any blinking parts.
E.    Set the SVP application back to View Mode.

Answer: BDE

The SVP has failed on a VSP and you have ordered a replacement. Which functionality is still available while waiting for the new SVP to arrive on site?

A.    Configuration changes can be made using raidcom commands.
B.    Hitrack can continue monitoring the VSP and report errors.
C.    Configuration changes can be made using HiCommand CLI.
D.    ShadowImage pairs can be managed with RAID Manager/CCI.

Answer: D

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