Hitachi HH0-210 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download (41-50)

When creating a Cache Logical Partition (CLPR) on a VSP using Virtual Partition Manager, which resource can be added to the CLPR?

A.    LDEVs
B.    Front-end Directors
C.    Device Groups
D.    Parity Groups

Answer: D

A customer has created User Accounts within Storage Navigator on a VSP. How can you create a backup of this information?

A.    Create a ghost image of the SVP.
B.    Use HiSat to keep track of the information in a CSV format.
C.    Copy the source files from the SVP.
D.    Use the download configuration function of the Storage Navigator control panel.

Answer: D

You want to install Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) on a customer’s server but you are not sure if the server HBA types and versions are supported. Which two actions would help you find this information? (Choose two.)

A.    Check the HDLM release notes.
B.    Call the HDS Customer Support Center.
C.    Check the HDLM Concepts and Planning Guide.
D.    Access the HiFire Web site to verify the configuration.

Answer: AD

What is the maximum number of 3.5" HDDs per B4 unit in a VSP?

A.    32
B.    40
C.    60
D.    64

Answer: B

You arrive on site to work on a VSP system and observe that the front panel "Message" LED is on.
What does this indicate?

A.    HiTrack is not configured.
B.    The SVP is in Modify mode.
C.    A SIM is pending.
D.    Remote maintenance is being performed on the system.

Answer: C

A customer plans to use LUN security on a port that will have five Host Groups containing one server and one LUN each. You tell them that it is not recommended to use Host Group 00 in this configuration; what is the reason?

A.    If LUN security is accidentally disabled, Host Group 00 gets deleted.
B.    If LUN security is accidentally disabled, all Host Groups including Host Group 00 will be deleted on this port.
C.    If LUN security is accidentally disabled, all the servers attached to this port will be able to access all the LUNs registered to this port.
D.    If LUN security is accidentally disabled, all the servers attached to this port will be able to access the LUNs registered in Host Group 00.

Answer: D

What are two effects of enabling the Hitachi Dynamic Tiering (HDT) function in the Shared Memory configuration screen?

A.    There will be a performance impact.
B.    Write Through Mode will be enabled for the entire cache.
C.    Write Through Mode will be enabled for a specific cache area only.
D.    All write pendings will be destaged.

Answer: AC

Which two self-service resources would you use if you require installation assistance? (Choose two.)

A.    Hitachi Data Systems Support Portal
B.    Hitachi Data Systems InfoSearch database
C.    Hitachi Data Systems product documentation
D.    Hitachi Data Systems Installation Service Manager

Answer: AC

A customer wants to migrate data from a USP to a VSP. For doing so, you recommend that they virtualize the USP behind the VSP as external storage. Which host mode should you set on the USP?

A.    Linux
B.    External
C.    AIX
D.    Windows

Answer: D

What are two requirements for connecting a USP VM as external storage to a VSP? (Choose two.)

A.    an External port on the VSP
B.    a Target port on the USP VM
C.    an Initiator port on the USP VM
D.    an RCU Target port on the VSP

Answer: AB

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